First Frost

Indie Rock | Boston

First Frost, a Boston-based indie rock four-piece, debuted in April of 2015 under the name Foliage. Drawing on elements of shoegaze and experimental rock, the band peppers noise and oddity into songs with a pop sensibility.

New England Winter Freezes Foliage: Band Becomes First Frost

After two years together as a band, Foliage announces a band name change: First Frost, citing logistic concerns as the reason for the change. 

"The name was an idea brought to us by a friend at around 4 in the morning. We had been searching for a band name for months and we all thought it was just perfect," recalls lead singer and guitarist Lauren. 

Along with the name change, fans can anticipate an EP, whose title honors the band's former moniker as well as new songs just on the horizon.